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Moon Conjunct Saturn

Standing on Business,

Set an rules time it was connects us to this physical realm. Essentially Saturn has the power to tell us know it's what helps bring things into flourishion, making them tangible. Have you ever wondered why Capricorn was the goat ruled by Saturn because Capricorn is going to Indore that's the only reason they are the goat they're willing to go the extra mile. That Saturn, whatever is happening today is meant to bring you peace and clarity.

The moon will then make a conjunction to Neptune in about 24 hours. This is going to be heavy illusions that we are meant to cut through as mercury will be there, going over it shadow area, what does this mean? This truly means that now is the time for you to see things, for there is truly no manipulation, no lies, just clear evidence of the clear path, Saturn will do this for you. Before there is an opportunity to sway us from things that are not tangible.

Overall moon conjunct Saturn placements are really good, this brings an energy of timeless love, timeless, affection, timeless, understanding, understanding on mature Morral on a whole other level.

Take this time to consider what your next steps will be we are about 30 days away from the new year!!!!

Your Best Year!!!!


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