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Did everyone feel todays energy, I sure did!

Player Lineup;

Sun 0 degrees Capricorn

Moon 24 degrees Pisces

Mercury 0 degrees Capricorn

Venus 7 degrees Sagittarius

Mars 23 degrees Aries

Jupiter 0 degrees Aquarius

Saturn 0 Degrees Aquarius

Uranus 6 degrees Taurus

Neptune 18 degrees Pisces

Pluto 23 degrees Capricorn

Chiron 4 degrees Aries

North Node 19 degrees Gemini

South Node 19 degrees Sagittarius

Things are finally looking up!!!! I'm to HYPE!!!!

First thing I notice right away is there is a LOT of 0 degree energy. This is big, it means big transformation in the way!!!!!!! 0 Degrees is an extremely important degree in astrology. It signifies action, referencing Aries at the beginning point of it's purest form.

The Sun conjunct Mercury at 0 degrees Capricorn means our aspirations are clear to us mentally. The way we are pursuing our goals is in a precise malintent mind frame. Saturn conjunct Jupiter at 0 degrees Aquarius Makes us feel like we can do anything. See Saturn likes to put limits and stimulations in place. However, Jupiter conjunct Saturn ( and coming into Aquarius after Saturn) gives up the believe that NO MATTER WHAT WE CAN MAKE IT!!!!! Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, an such creating a vey powerful connection especially with the semi-sextile between the Sun and Mercury and Saturn and Jupiter. Creating a blended well balanced harmonious energy, it is perfect for getting going and taking action........

Venus is fresh out of Scorpio and is making a trine aspect to Chiron at 7 degrees Sagittarius. The means new relationships all across the board.... lol it is so befitting especially since Saturn and Jupiter are both jumping into Aquarius together. The sign of community and friendships. Healthy friendships are also a factor in this conjunction Venus is starting something new.

The moon conjunct Neptune at 24 degrees of Pisces is extremely powerful as well. Neptune is at home in Pisces it is the natural house ruler, this make it very strong. So some of you all may be feel bit conflicted in making a decision. This can also prevent you from want to take action in reference to accomplishing your goals. On the positive side this can be a powerful creative energy. This is where we are able to dream big.

When all that being said how was your day? Leave me a message in comments and let me know 5 things you got started on TODAY!!!!!!!


IamMariah Alise

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