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Full Moon in ♍️

This energy is so powerful energy creating a a Grand Earth trine. I have inserted a clip of the chart. This Full moon is complete closure this is the last full moon of the astrological yearly cycle the sun starts a new journey and so does the moon. Being in the sign of Virgo it is critical that we tie up loose ends and calculate our last final judgment. It’s like balancing out and differentiating between what is here to stay and what Must go. it’s a combination of placing our final harvest and letting go of our restraints. This is a vital process that must be dealt with strategically and seriously in order to move forward into the next phase of your life in your journey. The grand Earth trying with Pluto being at 28° of Capricorn. The North Node is 27° Taurus and the moon will be 27° Virgo. this powerful alignment ushers you into the NEW YOU 🥰

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