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First of let me say that he start of this year already feel so comforting and soothing...... I don't feel rushed, yet I feel an intense amount of endurance to with stand what ever. I am Grounded!!!!

No Doubt it is due to mars shift into Taurus..... Taurus is the second zodiac sign and the first earth sign. This signifies the capacity to stand firm and root ourselves for the journey ahead.

Venus in Capricorn give us this since of surety in what we want especially in relationships. Venus just concluded her journey in Sagittarius, we she gained the knowledge and higher understanding. Now in Capricorn she is making the right decisions for a solid foundation in the new path ahead.

I will be doing a New Moon in Capricorn Video on my Youtube channel on 1/13, this is where I go into extream detail on this and how its connected to the Moon.

Until Next time friends,


IamMariah Alise

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