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Super Blue Full Moon in Aquarius

This full moon in Aquarius, I sent it directly around the Divine feminine. Full moons are all about releasing, letting go, detoxing. When I think of a full moon I think of a culmination of energy, at its peak. This full moon in Aquarius is profound, making significant aspect to Jupiter, and Saturn and even Pluto.

This full moon in Aquarius is all about being able to project your authenticity. The sun is in Leo and it’s strong and Leo. It’s at home and Leo and the moon is an Aquarius. The moon does not traditionally like to be in Aquarius. However, I am a firm believer, that if evolved, the moon in Aquarius can be profoundly unreliable. The journey of the moon would have in Aquarius as an evolved energy would be monumental for us as a collective, but I digress. With the sun, being in Leo, expressing individuality, expressing leadership, expressing courage to move forward, and so much more. Directly shedding light to the sign of Aquarius, which innately is its opposite. The moon being in the sign of Aquarius, being able to receive and transmit at the speed of light, the moon being an Aquarius is the ability to truly tap into the fold the collective. It must also be considered that the sun and moon, so in opposition to each other will be making a significant square to Jupiter, which is in the sign of Taurus. Jupiter is a beneficial planet. It is legitimately the planet of our benefits. It works very closely with Saturn. One hand washes. The other Jupiter, being in Taurus is all about bringing the foundation into existence being able to bring the manifestations, or just in general whatever you’re working on Jupiter, being in Taurus is going to be an extremely beneficial aspect. In addition, Mars is in a significant trying to Jupiter. This is making things extremely inventive and it's allowing the process to move forward. Saturn, being in the sign of Pisces is making a Sextile aspect to the full moon, which will be helping with the processing of any changes or adjustments.

These energies together, I am convinced that this full moon is about relaxing and letting things come to you. It’s about you sitting with your uniqueness. You honoring your uniqueness, and as you sit in it and honor it and respect it, It will innately transfer and transmit through the world. It’s an energy and authentic energy, this full moon has a lot to do with, the age of Aquarius and the Divine feminine. This full moon is going to be powerful for you, but only if you are able to relax and allow things to come to you. Often as humans we want to rush the process at whatever it is, whatever we wanna do. Rather it's exciting or your bored whatever it is. This full moon is about being in alignment, being in alignment with your path, but also your path and your alignment, being aligned with the universe.

Take care this Full Moon and do something that requires only you.

Xoxo 💋


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