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Venus in Retrograde 🧜🏽‍♀️

Venus is one of the most powerful planets in our solar system. It is uniquely tied to our human relations, are interpersonal relations with humans. Venus is one of the only planets that does this beautiful display in the sky, her transition from the MorningStar to the evening star, the significance is profound, linking to karmic past lives, unique relationships, evolution, soulmate, soul contracts, soul ties. Venus is a vepowerful planet that governs over our business and finances, but also our love life and romantic affairs. Venus also has a lot to do with legal affairs and the legally binding of a relationship. It has a lot to do with dating, but it also has a lot to do with socializing with friends and partnerships.

Venus in Leo is extremely powerful Venus in Leo has a lot to do with you being promiscuous it has a lot to do with you choosing you regardless of the situation.  When Venus is in Leo, I’d like to think of it as you filling yourself, as if Venus is actually feeling herself (a beyonce saga.) in my professional opinion, this is because Venus gives off and exaltation next to the sun. Don’t get me wrong Venus does not like to be near the sun, the planet, they do not get along very well. One is feminine one is masculine however when Venus is in this sign the display of her the empowerment Leo is a sign of self empowerment which can be extremely beneficial for Venus. It gives off a self love that is undeniable.

When Venus goes in retrograde, it is essentially a course correction, in your business and finances, or either in your relationships. Some how during our journey we have gotten off of track, we have gotten off of the path, we have strayed away from the course. Now, Venus going retrograde is an opportunity for us to redo, go back, rewire, whatever it is that has taken us off of course. During this Venus in retrograde, Venus will make a conjunction to the sun. It will also make a significant square to Uranus.

The significant square Between Venus , and Uranus. This will happen in three  different times the first time when Venus is not quite at the shadow point, but she has covered the area of that she will be going retrograde over once, when she is then again retrograde, and then once again now, that she has moves forward. Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is the sign that rules Venus.  However, Uranus is the planet of Aquarius, which is the opposite of Leo.

Overall, I think this Venus in retrograde has a lot to do with freedom and space. It has a lot to do with our relationships but, our outer personal relationships how we connect to the fold. How are we showing up to the fold. This Venus in retrograde, there is a significant pull towards us, being our unique, authentic self. Standing up for who we are at our core, no matter the consequences or outcome. It has a lot to do with how we feel supported, and the lack of support that we feel.

Xoxo Mariah

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